Misconceptions About Ticks

Close up of a tick on a finger

Ticks are a part of nature and can cause serious harm if left untreated. While it’s great to be aware, many people have misconceptions about ticks that can lead to more problems than the ticks themselves! Below are three main misconceptions about ticks to be on the lookout for!

You Can Only Get Bit In Warm Weather

Many people think that once the first frost hits, ticks disappear. This isn’t the case! Ticks can survive a wide range of temperatures and weather- so if you’re out exploring in winter conditions, you can still be bit.

This misconception likely stems from the fact that most people wear multiple layers while outside in the winter, preventing ticks from latching on!

You Can Suffocate/Burn A Tick

Stemming from an old wives tale, many people still believe it is possible to suffocate or burn a tick. It’s not unlikely that you may have been told that smothering a tick with Vaseline, drowning it in rubbing alcohol, or burning it with a lit match (ow!) would solve any tick-related issues.

The only way to remove a tick is 100% total removal.

Each Tick Has Lyme

Many people believe that each tick carries Lyme Disease. While it’s better to be safe than sorry, we don’t want you to worry yourself sick!

Only a certain percentage of ticks carry Lyme. If you get bit by a tick, be on the lookout for: fever, fatigue, headache, and the tell-tale circular rash.

Ticks are plentiful and can be scary. The best way to ensure safety is to do a thorough tick-check after being outdoors and ensure you remove the tick properly and entirely.

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