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Original TickKey™ is a Connecticut, USA-made tick removal device that is highly effective in removing ticks of all sizes and types. After launching our product in 2007 and presenting it at SuperZoo in 2009, Tick Key Products, LLC was formally established the following year. Since then we have made a significant impact with several tick-borne public health organizations, and our product is now sold in numerous retail establishments throughout the USA and in 18 different countries.

As of January 1, 2019, our business has officially incorporated and is now known as TickKey International, Inc.

About the Original TickKey™ Tick Removal Device

When we first set out to create this innovative tick remover tool, we were adamant about finding a balance between modest design and solid, reliable construction. Rather than using flimsy plastic material, the Original TickKey™ is built using a durable anodized aluminum and is strong enough to remove ticks quickly and with ease. However, it is the simplicity of the design that prevents disease from spreading during removal, and because there is no pinching, pulling or prodding, the urge to squirm is eliminated. Both people and pets are able to remain calm and comfortable until the tick is safely removed.

The design of the Original TickKey™ also allows the device to be attached to a key ring for easy access at any time. Distributors can choose between 20 different colors.

Help us prevent tick bites with each Original TickKey™ sold

Original TickKey™ is used and sold by doctors, veterinarians and groomers, and can be found in many major outdoor retail stores and hardware depots. It is also used as a safety device for many utility and outdoor companies. If you are interested in becoming a retail distributor of Original TickKey™, please contact us for more information.

With hard work and dedication from our valued staff, we strive to deliver excellence in our customer service experience and to offer a great product that we can proudly stand behind. For all further inquiries, please give us a call at 203-300-5078 .


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