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Tick Prevention, Removal, and Testing Products

At TickKey International, Inc., we understand the importance of proper tick removal. Endorsed by both,  Bay Area Lyme Association and the American and International Canine Associations, our USA-made, non-tweezer tick removal tool ensures both you and your pets can enjoy outdoor adventures without the worry of lingering ticks.

Tick Repellent

In collaboration with Home First LLC, we’re proud to offer Home First Naturals FR Pro, an all-natural tick repellent available in FR Safe, Adult, Child, and Pet variants. We’ve got you covered no matter who or what you’re protecting. This insect repellent is a perfect companion to our tick removal tool, giving you double-layered protection against ticks.

Tick Wrap

Newly aligned with Pepin Manufacturing, we now offer Tick  Tape. Simply roll over your clothing or your pet to remove those ticks that are not attached and are still crawling. Remove them before they attach.

Tick Tests


In addition to prevention and removal, we also understand the importance of tick testing. Partnering with EPA Enterprises, we present the Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Testing Kit. This state-of-the-art tick test ensures you’re not left wondering after a tick bite. Remove the tick (we recommend using an Original TickKey™) and follow the provided instructions to send it out for testing. For an additional fee, you can have their lab test for tick-borne illnesses beyond Lyme disease.

Tweezer-Free Tick Removal for Humans and Pets

The Original Tick Key™ is our flagship product, expertly engineered to remove ticks correctly and promptly. It is compact by design, ensuring it can fit anywhere from a key chain, to a wallet, to your dog’s leash.

The iconic key design is easy to use; simply place the key so the tick is in the teardrop hole.  Direction doesn’t matter. Slide your Original Tick Key™ flush against your skin to entrap the tick. Continue pulling quickly in the same direction for total and proper removal.

For those dark nights, we have our TickSee Kit, which comes with a hands-free glow-in-the-dark flashlight that fits right on your thumb, a magnifying lens, alcohol wipes, and an Original Tick Key™.

The device is available in a variety of colors to suit your personal style and is a must-have whether you’re a hiker, pet owner, safety professional or just someone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Collections and Customizations

We understand the importance of personalization, which is why we offer customization options for our Original TickKey™. From nicknames to company branding, you can have a tick removal tool that’s uniquely yours.

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At TickKey International, Inc., our mission is to provide reliable, efficient, and safe solutions for tick removal. We’re thrilled to offer products that are 100% USA-made, reflecting our commitment to superior quality and innovation.