How To Properly Check For Ticks

Guide on using our Tick Key!

Everyone knows that checking for ticks is important, but not everyone knows how to check for ticks properly. That’s alright! We’ve compiled a list for you that ensures the next time you need to check for ticks, you are totally prepared.

First: Check Everyone and Everything!

Even with proper prevention, ticks can still find their way onto you or into your home. While they love latching on to humans and animals, they also can hide on clothing or equipment before making their way to bite you. Before you go inside, do a quick (but thorough!) check of any gear, clothing, and your pets! Once everything is all clear, head inside, and start the thorough check on yourself.

We know you may be tired after a day spent outdoors, but the best time to do this is as soon as you get home.

Grab A Partner Or A Mirror

Whether you have a tick-checking partner or are doing it on your own, some spots may be hard to see. If it’s just you, grab a handheld mirror.

Begin careful examination of your entire body, head to toe. For harder-to-see areas, call on your partner or the handheld mirror.

Know Their Hiding Spots

When checking for ticks, make sure you pay close attention to the following areas: under arms, in/around/behind ears, inside the belly button, in and around the hair, back of knees, around your waist, between the legs, and any place where there is skin creasing or folding.

Remove Any Ticks

If you’ve found ticks, don’t panic. The next step is to completely remove any ticks you found. Complete removal is necessary in ensuring the bite doesn’t get infected. If you pinch, squeeze, twist, burn, or suffocate the tick, it can expel toxins into you. If removed improperly, even ticks with diseases who haven’t spread them yet can transmit them.

After removing any ticks, thoroughly clean your hands, instruments, and bite area with rubbing alcohol, and then soap and water.

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