How To Have A Backyard Campout

Father and son in their backyard with a tent set up.

Sometimes, a long camping trip isn’t feasible, especially when you’ve got kids to wrangle. But don’t worry – you can still have an amazing campout experience right in your own backyard! Our tips will help you have a fun, hassle-free, and safe mini-camping trip in your yard. So, gather the family, and let’s get started!

Set Up Camp Together

Setting up the tent is a fun and engaging activity that everyone can participate in. Whether you’ve got a classic dome tent or a more advanced pop-up, working together to set up your temporary home for the night is a fantastic way to bond as a family. Plus, it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment when they see their handiwork.

Get Grilling

What’s a campout without some delicious food? Fire up the grill or set up a firepit to roast hot dogs and toast marshmallows. You can even take it a step further and cook an entire meal over an open flame. And, of course, no backyard campout would be complete without making s’mores – a classic treat that will have everyone’s mouths watering.

Share Stories Under The Stars

As the sun sets and the stars come out, gather around the fire or snuggle up in your tent to tell stories. Share family memories, spooky tales, or even make up stories on the spot. This is the perfect time to connect with your loved ones and maybe even start some new family traditions.

Tick Check Time

Even though you’re not deep in the woods, your backyard can still harbor ticks, even with proper precautions. That’s why taking preventative measures and performing a tick check after your campout is essential.

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