“I do not normally write many products reviews, but I felt that this product deserved a bit of attention.  The Original Tickkey is, in my opinion, a simple to use,  and very effective product – which everyone should own!  We have a cat who roams mostly outdoors, and since we live in the woods of CT, we were finding ticks on him almost daily.  For animals, all you do is locate the tick, pull the animals fur aside, hold the skin gently between your thumb and fore finger, insert the small end of the Original TickKey over the tick, slowly pulling slightly upwards and towards you. BAM!  The tick has been fully removed!  Also,  I have found the Original TickKey works on all sizes of ticks, and the product works equally well on people as it does animals.  Anyone who has a pet,  plays in the great outdoors, or any company who has employees who work outdoors, should have this product!  And a super handy feature, it can go right on your key chain – so you always have this tool with you.  Defense!!   Great Product, give it a 10!”

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