Tick Key is a Connecticut, USA made Tick Removal Device that is 99.9%
effective in the removal of all sizes and types of ticks.  Launching our product in
2007, we began to make an impact with several tick-borne research & public
health organizations.  We are in several retail establishments, as our product is
being sold in the USA and 18 different countries.

Tick Key Products, LLC was established in 2010 after presenting our product at
SuperZoo in 2009.  MSNBC saw our Tick Key... resulting in an interview,
publishing an article on their website and further, nominating us to "Good
Morning America".  With that nomination, Tick Key was honored by becoming
one of "Good Morning America's" Best Health Products of 2009 and also one of
their Best Pet Products of 2009.

With the success we started to endure, we decided to become a Limited Liability
Corporation.  Our Tick Removal Device was made to be placed on a key ring for
easy access.  It is designed to remove ticks so that disease does not spread
during removal and so people and pets would not squirm while trying to pinch,
pull or prod during tick removal.  

This product has grown in the industry and won the "Anido" award in Belgium in
2010.  Our Tick Key was mentioned and a photo was published in the "Wall
Street Journal" in 2015.  We are endorsed by the American Canine Association
(ACA) and by several physicians and veterinarians.  And, we were honored with
the award for "Goshen, Connecticut's Best Small Business of 2015".
recently, we won the 2016 Family Choice Award.

Tick Key is used and sold by doctors, veterinarians and groomers.  It is sold in
several retail establishments, given out by Mosquito Vector & Public Health
Associations, used as a promotional item and more.  It is also used as a safety
device for many utility and outdoor companies.

With hard work and dedication from our staff, we strive for excellence with our
customer service and offer a great product that does what we claim it does.
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